Be Humble

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Be Humble That way you won’t be distressed when that old guy comes floating off the hill on another path and hands you your ass on a plate. Even though that old guy is probably younger than you Even though you are 3 hours into a long run and he probably isn’t long out the […]

Quit while you are ahead

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The second half of last year saw me injured with an achilles injury which took nearly 6 months to get better.  Since January my achilles has been behaving, though it still niggles,  but I have also been struck down with plantar fasciatis, a sore ankle caused by bruised cartilege, a long running sinus infection, and […]

Every Day is a School Day

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I have just spent a couple of days at the Highland Fling training weekend in Tyndrum. Although I am not running either the Fling or the WHW this year it was good to spend time with like minded souls, enjoy some wine and some hard training. I spent some time running with Amanda Hamilton who […]

Chasing Ghosts

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There is a runner I’ve been chasing he is out most days I run. Always in the distance but temptingly not out of sight. Effortless, fleet footed, floating, ageless, he covers the ground. He is there in the rain, the wind and the snow. Appearing through morning mist, lean and lithe, gliding on trail and […]

I’m not dead yet

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A favourite moment from Spamalot and I still have the t shirt proclaiming the fact that I am not dead yet My last post was a bit of a whine about how tired I was feeling. Eventually I gave in and missed a few workouts and feel better for it. Work has been a bit […]

Running out of Steam

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As the lovely Lili von Shtupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow” sang, I’m Tired. [youtube=] I cheated today.  Fortunately the only thing I cheated on was my training plan. I was due to run 12 miles tonight and just couldn’t face it. I am too tired, both mentally and physically, so I swapped workouts around and went to […]

From Hero to Zero

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One measly run, that’s all I missed, yet in my head I have gone from feeling good about my running to the state of panic which ensues when you discover that you can’t do it any more. Last few weeks things have been going well. Mileage has increased nicely, but carefully. Workouts have been going […]

That OMG moment

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Six easy miles on the plan. snowing. work busy. feel crap with a cold. treadmill lunchtime saves me going out a night. Mile 1: Can’t be arsed with warming up slowly. Half mile grumbling then into a rhythmn. Mile 2:  8 minute mile pace, fast enough to get workout done but still call it easy. […]

Running Up That Hill

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This week was hill week and a good training week it has been.  A brisk fartlek on Monday, Tuesday was a mega session of Hill Reps which left me walking like John Wayne for the rest of the week. My poor adductors are still complaining. Wednesday was a hilly wee run. Thursday was a brutal […]