Running in the Post Covid world

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I have just returned from a weekend marshalling at events in the Glen Lyon Ultra. This was the first Scottish Athletics licensed event since lockdown. It was racing, not quite as we have grown to know it, but remarkably familiar to those people who were around when ultras were just starting out in Scotland and […]

Running On Empty

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Strive: verb to try very hard to do something or to make something happen, especially for a long time or against difficulties: I like the word Strive. I think it is so important, especially as we get older that we keep striving. Striving keeps us energised, relevant and ultimately alive. I have always been a striver, its in my nature. Even as a […]

Nevertheless, she persisted

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We are a pretty experienced support crew PT Boy, H and I. PT Boy does logistics, H does Tough Love while I do the running “encouragement”. Sitting in a field waiting for your runner is a frustrating experience when they are not having a good day. You feel completely helpless as there is nothing you […]


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It is more or less 4 weeks since I ran the Madeira Island Ultra Trail which took me the best part of 30 hours. I still have a little numbness in my toes and the remnants of my blisters are still visible and finishing the healing process with new skin growing in. It doesn’t take […]


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I have been thinking a lot about motivation recently. I find running really difficult and many times not particularly pleasant experience, so why do I keep doing it. Motivation is one of the four legs which support the ultra running table upon which we dine –  Motivation, Resilience, Training and Execution. Take away any one […]


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A week has passed and I can almost feel my sausage toes again which prompts me to try to jot down some thoughts on the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, so here goes….. MIUT was one of those races which you don’t remember in order. Random moments jump into your consciousness and these little vignettes invariably […]

WHW 2016 Lessons Learned

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My race report deals with all of the details of the race itself, but what about the lessons, what worked and what didn’t work? Pacing I spent a fair amount of time researching pacing by looking at splits for previous races. In particular I was interested in the splits of those who finished strongly. I […]