Seeking inspiration

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As a child I used to read voraciously. During the summer holidays it wasn’t unusual for me to make 2 visits to Alloa library in the one day, taking my limit of 3 books each time. I would read anything and everything. When I started at secondary school and discovered the joys of rugby I […]

That was the year that was

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2012 wasn’t a bad running year. That is a very Scottish way of describing it I suppose. If I was North American I would be whooping it up saying that was a great running year. But I am Scottish, which means that I am of the ilk that says we are a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns; […]

Da do run run run

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December is the month of the Marcothon. The rules of Marcothon are simple: 3 miles or 25 minutes running every day. The runs should really be done outside and the best rule of all -if it feels like cheating it probably is. I really like Marcothon. I like the fact it doesn’t have a sponsor, […]

Gluteus Maximus

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I always think Gluteus Maximus sounds like a Roman Centurion. However, instead of roaming (do you see what I did there – ouch!) I tend to spend most of my day parked on mine in front of a computer screen.  I can’t even claim to sit in a posturally correct manner like some middle aged […]

Vesti la Giubba

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Not sure whether I am more scared or excited, but for better or worse I have got myself a place in the West Highland Way Race which starts in Milngavie at 1am on June 22nd 2013. There was a fantastic night on Facebook, Friday past when it became known that the ballot places were being […]