Running in the Post Covid world

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I have just returned from a weekend marshalling at events in the Glen Lyon Ultra. This was the first Scottish Athletics licensed event since lockdown. It was racing, not quite as we have grown to know it, but remarkably familiar to those people who were around when ultras were just starting out in Scotland and […]

WHW 2016 Lessons Learned

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My race report deals with all of the details of the race itself, but what about the lessons, what worked and what didn’t work? Pacing I spent a fair amount of time researching pacing by looking at splits for previous races. In particular I was interested in the splits of those who finished strongly. I […]

The Year of the Ultra Runner

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2014 was a funny old year. In my head it wasn’t a very good running year, probably because I didn’t get any faster. No PBs for me, and that worries me that old age is catching up, the nagging fear of getting worse before I have managed to get better. I had started the year […]

Warming Up

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I am a great fan of warming up. One of my great frustrations is watching runners who do Parkrun stand around with hands in pockets before setting off for a 5K run and then wonder why it feels hard and why they never quite perform as well as they would like. Same applies to new […]

I need a man with slow hands

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So sang the Pointer Sisters. This probably dates me to an alarming degree but it feels like recent history to me. Unexpectedly my haircut didn’t cure my achilles problem after all so it was back to the physio again this morning. My usual torturer is on holiday so today I had a different pair of […]

My my my Delilah

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First inkling that my achilles might be starting to feel better came this morning with a haircut. Not a racing haircut, but a running haircut. Its a significant phase in the rehab process. If I can survive a day or two with no adverse reaction to my haircut, I might be able to progress to […]

One week to go…

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“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it” – Bill Cosby Shamelessly pinched this from Scott Jurek’s Blog. With just one week to go until the start of the west Highland Way Race and my huge step into the unknown of a 95 mile ultra, it somehow seemed appropriate