I need a man with slow hands

So sang the Pointer Sisters. This probably dates me to an alarming degree but it feels like recent history to me.

Unexpectedly my haircut didn’t cure my achilles problem after all so it was back to the physio again this morning. My usual torturer is on holiday so today I had a different pair of hands on me. It was interesting to feel the difference in technique, I guess everyone has a different touch.  I had to recount the whole sorry story and have him explain that maybe I had tried to do a wee bit too much too soon.

My Trampette
My Trampette

He also dispensed some home truths which hurt a wee bit more than the work he was doing on my achilles. Could be out for another 2-3 weeks? Hmmmm, not good news, especially with  a marathon in 6 weeks time. Rush back and you could be in for a whole heap of recurring problems. Yes, I know but….

On the plus side when I arrived home I discovered a large box courtesy of my lovely wife Helen who had bought me a small trampoline.

The trampoline serves two purposes, firstly jogging on it is really good rehab for my achilles and secondly it keeps me in the garage exercising in the evening instead of sitting grumpily at my computer.


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