In praise of the mythical old guy

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There is a vibrant and burgeoning ultra running community in Scotland at the moment. Races like the Highland Fling have become ridiculously popular and are introducing lots of new runners to the sport. Some of these are enthused by all of the good things which go with ultra trail running, some are intrigued by the […]

Boston fragments

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I found this post in my Drafts box. I never quite got round to finishing it and then it wasnt quite the right time to post it, so here it is unfinished Friday was a solemn day. Runners made their way to Boylston Street. With a few days until race day it was the runners […]

The Year of the Ultra Runner

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2014 was a funny old year. In my head it wasn’t a very good running year, probably because I didn’t get any faster. No PBs for me, and that worries me that old age is catching up, the nagging fear of getting worse before I have managed to get better. I had started the year […]

CCC 2014 Race Report

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I could feel it coming and had to find somewhere quickly. Unfortunately in a hot sweaty tent crammed with runners refuelling after already covering 55 mind blowingly brutal kilometers,  the organisers had obviously forgotten to set aside a throwing up corner. I made a dash for the exit with my mouth clenched firmly shut but […]

Great Glen Ultra Race Report

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The Great Glen Ultra is a new Scottish Ultramarathon race which starts in Fort William and finishes 72 miles later in Inverness. Pre-Race Both Helen and I were running the race. The unsupported nature of the race meant it was possible for both of us to run. Being unsupported means drop bags – lots of […]

Tears on Boylston

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There were tears on Boylston on the day the runners came back. Wrapped in scarves of Boston blue, carrying the hopes of strangers. The blue and yellow jackets of ’13 the first ones to arrive In a race for restitution For their numbers to be counted they stood in contemplation At the finish line rebuilt. […]

Quit while you are ahead

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The second half of last year saw me injured with an achilles injury which took nearly 6 months to get better.  Since January my achilles has been behaving, though it still niggles,  but I have also been struck down with plantar fasciatis, a sore ankle caused by bruised cartilege, a long running sinus infection, and […]