My Left Foot

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My Left foot isn’t handsome like Daniel Day Lewis and though it leans to the left and occasionally extracts the Michael, it doesn’t wear a donkey jacket. Most days, my left foot and I get along fine and dandy much better than my knees, which make me look bandy. My left foot has been frozen […]

Every Day is a School Day

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I have just spent a couple of days at the Highland Fling training weekend in Tyndrum. Although I am not running either the Fling or the WHW this year it was good to spend time with like minded souls, enjoy some wine and some hard training. I spent some time running with Amanda Hamilton who […]

Brooks Pure Flow 3

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this is the second year I have been fortunate to take part in the Try It On promotion by Brooks where they let you have a pair of shoes to trial for a week. I am a big fan of Brooks shoes. Most of my running shoes are Brooks.  I have been running in the […]

Audrey’s Antarctic Odyssey

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Good luck to Scottish Ultra Runner Audrey McIntosh as she sets off on her Antarctic Odyssey running a marathon and 100K. She has worked her backside off to get fit for the race and is an inspiration to everyone as she raises money for Altzheimer Scotland along the way her blog is available at […]

Warming Up

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I am a great fan of warming up. One of my great frustrations is watching runners who do Parkrun stand around with hands in pockets before setting off for a 5K run and then wonder why it feels hard and why they never quite perform as well as they would like. Same applies to new […]

Going back to Boston

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I am going back to Boston. I shall say it again just to make sure you heard me: I am going back to Boston. I feel a wee bit of a fraud because I qualified with a time of 3:27:47 which is slower than my previous Boston qualifier time, but as I move up an […]

A bright idea

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Here is a bright idea. It is possible to buy Head Torches from Amazon which are build around the Cree LED. They are extremely powerful and very cheap. You can pick up a headtorch for around £12-£15. The build quality is as you would expect from cheap Chinese imports, but they do the job rather […]

Inadvertantly Mooned

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Inadvertantly Mooned Somehow, someone ended up on my blog today by searching the web for the phrase “inadvertantly mooned”. This is a tad surprising on two counts: first that someone would search for pages relating to inadvertant mooning and secondly that my blog contains that very phrase! Which is a slightly different start to tonight’s […]