Be Humble

Be Humble

That way you won’t be distressed when that old guy comes floating off the hill on another path and hands you your ass on a plate.

Even though that old guy is probably younger than you

Even though you are 3 hours into a long run and he probably isn’t long out the door

Even though you have just done a killer hill session and your legs are trashed

Even though you are deliberately keeping your heart rate low.

Even though you a running your own pace and have no reason to be competitive

Even though you let him go because you know you couldn’t keep up without looking like a twat
Even though you just know that any other day you could take him


    1. Post
      Achilles Niggle

      not a bad day in its own way, but did have that shameful little internal monologue about how I wasn’t bothered he was running away from me even though I was

  1. Amanda H

    It’s December….and its your training, not racing…. Will need to get out in the hills with you sometime…. Play the game for the longer term goals, not short term chest beating! X

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