That OMG moment

Six easy miles on the plan.

snowing. work busy. feel crap with a cold.

treadmill lunchtime saves me going out a night.

Mile 1: Can’t be arsed with warming up slowly. Half mile grumbling then into a rhythmn.

Mile 2:  8 minute mile pace, fast enough to get workout done but still call it easy. Cos thats what it says on the plan.

Mile 3: 8 is boring, 7:30 is goal marathon pace so lets try that, still counts as easy, right?

Mile 4: legs shouldn’t be feeling this good after the miles I’ve done recently, but just bounce along and keep it easy.  Watch the pop videos on the wall.

Mile 5: bored again. keep practising the pace, don’t push on, and maybe I could do a fast one at the end? Nudge it up to 7’s for the last quarter mile.

Mile 6: Try a fast one. 5:55 pace.see how it feels. not too bad. nudge it up for the last half mile? nudge, nudge, nudge. Does that really say 5:20 on the clock and I haven’t fallen off the back of the machine? OMG!

A 5:40 mile and a sub 2:45 half mile. After an 80 mile week.  Fastest ever. smug.

What the hell just happened?


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