From Hero to Zero

One measly run, that’s all I missed, yet in my head I have gone from feeling good about my running to the state of panic which ensues when you discover that you can’t do it any more.

Last few weeks things have been going well. Mileage has increased nicely, but carefully. Workouts have been going well. Took a drop back week last week, cutting 40% of my mileage for the week. Then since the weekend I have struggled to get back into it. I did a short easy run on Monday, then 11 miles Tuesday, both a bit of a struggle. By Wednesday morning I had sore stiff muscles and when I headed out Wednesday evening, I got about 100 yards down the road, gave up and came home. Neither my legs nor my head wanted to play.

Now chances are I am just a wee bit run down, I have been carrying a slight cold, it has been a busy work week so far and I had spent all day yesterday sitting through a training event breathing recycled air and not drinking nearly enough. I can work out that my sore legs might simply be having run a few runs in new shoes. I can even rationalise that if I am going to get a cold it is better to get it now than in 5 weeks time when I am getting ready for Boston marathon and the Highland Fling.

I am experienced enough to know that this is just part of the cycle of training and some rest will sort it, but it still invokes the feeling of panic that you are only as good as your last run.

I shall try to get back on the horse tonight, and hopefully all will be well. If not, then it will be from zero to negative and then it will be time for some serious intervention.


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    Achilles Niggle

    Panic over!! Managed a solid 7 mile tempo run on the treadmill tonight. Just goes to show that training is not a straight line graph of continuous improvement. there are many dips along the way and we need to be prepared for them and just accept them as part of the process. doesn’t mean that it is easy though.

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