Boston fragments

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I found this post in my Drafts box. I never quite got round to finishing it and then it wasnt quite the right time to post it, so here it is unfinished Friday was a solemn day. Runners made their way to Boylston Street. With a few days until race day it was the runners […]

Quit while you are ahead

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The second half of last year saw me injured with an achilles injury which took nearly 6 months to get better.  Since January my achilles has been behaving, though it still niggles,  but I have also been struck down with plantar fasciatis, a sore ankle caused by bruised cartilege, a long running sinus infection, and […]

Going back to Boston

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I am going back to Boston. I shall say it again just to make sure you heard me: I am going back to Boston. I feel a wee bit of a fraud because I qualified with a time of 3:27:47 which is slower than my previous Boston qualifier time, but as I move up an […]

Boston Revisited

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A few months ago I took part in the 117th Boston Marathon. As everyone knows, the race was bombed. Helen and I  were unharmed but a bit too close for comfort.  After the race I wrote up my race report which was picked up by the icon of the running community that is Hal Higdon, […]

Don’t Panic!!!!

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The plan had been to run the Boston marathon, do well, come home energised and then straight back into training for the West Highland Way race by doing the 53 mile Highland Fling race. Things didnt quite work out like that.  My race didnt go to plan, the bombs went off, and I picked up […]

Boston Marathon 15th April 2013

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It is difficult to know where to begin to describe this year’s Boston marathon. I have tried to start writing this post several times and never quite managed to find the words. It has been a week of powerful, powerful emotions. Arriving in Boston to run the marathon and getting caught up in the excitement […]

Running out of Steam

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As the lovely Lili von Shtupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow” sang, I’m Tired. [youtube=] I cheated today.  Fortunately the only thing I cheated on was my training plan. I was due to run 12 miles tonight and just couldn’t face it. I am too tired, both mentally and physically, so I swapped workouts around and went to […]

Marching on relentlessly

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March has arrived and suddenly it feels like we have moved up a gear from the comfort of winter training. Ok comfort is maybe a strange word to use when you are running in the rain, snow and wind, but there is a comfort in the fact that the race season is far away and […]

From Hero to Zero

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One measly run, that’s all I missed, yet in my head I have gone from feeling good about my running to the state of panic which ensues when you discover that you can’t do it any more. Last few weeks things have been going well. Mileage has increased nicely, but carefully. Workouts have been going […]