Inadvertantly Mooned

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Inadvertantly Mooned Somehow, someone ended up on my blog today by searching the web for the phrase “inadvertantly mooned”. This is a tad surprising on two counts: first that someone would search for pages relating to inadvertant mooning and secondly that my blog contains that very phrase! Which is a slightly different start to tonight’s […]

20 Pearls of Running Wisdom

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The best runners are patient There are no shortcuts Going further is easier than going faster To go further, slow down To go faster, carry less weight and try harder People get nicer the further you run To achieve a goal, follow the programme That runner over there has the same worries as you and […]

Snakes and Ladders

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  Too many snakes I was nearly there. After patiently doing the rehab, I had built up gently running 1 mile, then 2 miles, then 3 miles. Saturday I ran/walked 9 leisurely miles and didnt feel any worse. Monday evening after work I set out to do 5 miles. The first 2 miles felt great, […]

Going Nowhere Fast

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Thus spake the man who has just been doing intervals running on the spot on the trampette 🙂 For folks of a certain age, the trampette will be remembered as that little bouncy thing you jumped on in PE class before *vaulting elegantly/getting stuck halfway/ landing on your head ( *delete as appropriate) over the […]

Oh Flax! Ouch. Grumble. Mutter.

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That’s the thing about being a glass half empty sort of person – while running is not really an enjoyable experience,  NOT running is an even worse experience. I am injured. Nothing serious, but bad enough that I am NOT running. My Achilles and its eponymous niggle has flared up again. I have had this […]

Listening to your body

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As runners we are supposed to listen to our bodies. Mine has taken a bit of a beating recently so I dragged it out for a 9 mile run this morning and kept an ear open to hear what it was saying. This is what I heard Feet: My left foot was fine, no problems […]

My Big Toe

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My big toe is niggling. It isn’t really sore but it doesnt feel right. It is a bit tender if I press it and feels slightly swollen.  It doesn’t stop me running, but it is uncomfortable and I am worried that it is altering my gait which in turn will lead to some biomechanical issues. […]

Bridge of Orchy to Lundavra

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A very dreich day out running from Bridge of Orchy to Lundavra.  In short, it went like this: Bridge of Orchy to Inveroran was fine apart from the river running down the path. Victoria Bridge to White Corries Ski Centre felt really good and ran all the way. Had forgotten how gnarly underfoot it was […]