Bridge of Orchy to Lundavra

A very dreich day out running from Bridge of Orchy to Lundavra.  In short, it went like this: Bridge of Orchy to Inveroran was fine apart from the river running down the path.

Victoria Bridge to White Corries Ski Centre felt really good and ran all the way. Had forgotten how gnarly underfoot it was on the metalled road over the Black Mount.

Devil’s Staircase – argh! I had obviously run too hard on the previous section and the climb killed my legs.

The trip down into Kinlochleven was ok but hard work. By Kinlochleven I hit a real low and wanted to stop.

I tried phoning Helen to collect me, but she was already at Lundavra and had no phone signal so there was no option but to climb the Lairig Mor.

The climb seemed to go on for ever, but eventually hit the top. Gradually started to pick up, and as if by magic ran really strongly over the last four miles.

It seems that I always hit a low point on a long run between 20 and 26 miles then once past marathon distance I pick up and achieve a steady state place where I can keep trotting on without any great problems.

Total run was 29 miles in about 6:15 which was ok after a couple of weeks suffering from a bug and with heavy legs from a few days running.

I will be quite happy if I can do the same trip in twice that time in the west Highland Way Race

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