Listening to your body

When your body’s had enough of me. And I’m layin flat out on the floor…..

As runners we are supposed to listen to our bodies. Mine has taken a bit of a beating recently so I dragged it out for a 9 mile run this morning and kept an ear open to hear what it was saying. This is what I heard

Feet: My left foot was fine, no problems at all. Little toe on my right foot was nipping a bit from the wee corn on it so that needs some attention. My slightly swollen big toe joint settled down and didnt cause too much bother thought it just feels wrong still need to continue icing it.

Calves: bit tight but not too bad. no special attention needed

Hamstrings: tight, tight, tight. maybe a bit tired after some weights work midweek. Feel like they need lengthened. Must get into some mat work to remedy

Hips: tight right hip, and sticky SI joint, mean I am not moving smoothly. Too much sitting at a computer and not enough stretching.

Stomach: Too big. Still need to shift the weight I put on after Boston.

Chest: still a bit sticky from recent infection. not quite as recovered as I would like to be. Cardio is good though, heart and lungs seem untroubled.

Shoulders: way too tight. been a busy stressful week with a lot of time hunched over a machine. Should know better.

Mouth: Dry. Do not drink white wine night before a run. Muppet!

Nose: snot hanging around my sinuses. remnants of my cold or is it just hayfever season?

Head: still got a missing mojo. must try to generate some enthusiasm

Overall, performed a bit better than I expected. Legs wanted to run fast but couldnt. Feel my endurance is good but my speed has completely vanished. There is fitness in there somewhere, just need to coax it back out.

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