Running out of Steam

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As the lovely Lili von Shtupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow” sang, I’m Tired. [youtube=] I cheated today.  Fortunately the only thing I cheated on was my training plan. I was due to run 12 miles tonight and just couldn’t face it. I am too tired, both mentally and physically, so I swapped workouts around and went to […]

Race Bling. Who me?

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Finished a good workout on the treadmill this afternoon. My Semi-marathon de Paris t-shirt was soaked through. I pulled my Toronto waterfront long sleeve shirt on top, then put on my Chicago marathon hoodie, before zipping up my Rome marathon jacket. My name is John, I am an addict.

Every Picture Tells a Story

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This picture shows my gear from my treadmill session at the gym tonight. Nothing too unusual in anything in the picture. But there are a few stories to be told. Lets start at the bottom: The Shoes Brooks Racer ST5.  I wore these shoes as I walked to work this morning. Probably one of the […]


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I have run quite a few marathons in my relatively short running career. It is  my favourite distance because it is almost the perfect challenge, long enough to really stress your body but still short enough that you can try to run fast. If there is one thing that running more than 25 marathons has […]

Seeking inspiration

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As a child I used to read voraciously. During the summer holidays it wasn’t unusual for me to make 2 visits to Alloa library in the one day, taking my limit of 3 books each time. I would read anything and everything. When I started at secondary school and discovered the joys of rugby I […]