Audrey’s Antarctic Odyssey

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Good luck to Scottish Ultra Runner Audrey McIntosh as she sets off on her Antarctic Odyssey running a marathon and 100K. She has worked her backside off to get fit for the race and is an inspiration to everyone as she raises money for Altzheimer Scotland along the way her blog is available at […]

A bright idea

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Here is a bright idea. It is possible to buy Head Torches from Amazon which are build around the Cree LED. They are extremely powerful and very cheap. You can pick up a headtorch for around £12-£15. The build quality is as you would expect from cheap Chinese imports, but they do the job rather […]

Oh Flax! Ouch. Grumble. Mutter.

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That’s the thing about being a glass half empty sort of person – while running is not really an enjoyable experience,  NOT running is an even worse experience. I am injured. Nothing serious, but bad enough that I am NOT running. My Achilles and its eponymous niggle has flared up again. I have had this […]

West Highland Way Race Report

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The annual race from Milngavie near Glasgow to Fort William in the heart of the Scottish highlands has always seemed to embody such high levels of madness, endurance and athleticism as to be way beyond the grasp of ordinary mortals like me. At the start of this adventure I didn’t know if I would be […]

Nearly there

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It is Tuesday 18 June. I have two more days to work this week and then it will be time for the West Highland Way Race. I am for the most part packed. I have made my choices and piled a mountain of gear ready to be crammed into the van on Friday. My support […]

WHW Race Kit List

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It is getting to that time when I have to make some decisions about what kit I will wear on the West Highland Way Race. After much trial and error, I am just about settled on my kit list. So barring exceptional weather I shall be wearing some combination of the following: OMM Kamleika Smock  […]

My Big Toe

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My big toe is niggling. It isn’t really sore but it doesnt feel right. It is a bit tender if I press it and feels slightly swollen.  It doesn’t stop me running, but it is uncomfortable and I am worried that it is altering my gait which in turn will lead to some biomechanical issues. […]