WHW Training Tyndrum

Tuesday was a day off work so Helen and I headed for the hills. We parked in Tyndrum and the ran from Tyndrum to just before Bein Glas farm at Inverarnan, before turning round and running all the way back.

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It was a cold but sunny day, perfect for being out on the Scottish hills. This is probably the nicest section of the southern half of the Way. It isn’t without its challenges! First challenge is it is a much bigger climb than you expect. A look at the elevation chart shows that the top of the forest path above Crianlarich is about the same height as Conic Hill, you just get to the height more gradually. The section through the forest goes on for much longer than you expect and has big energy sapping rollercoaster undulations regardless of which direction you run. The section on the old military road which runs from DerryDarroch to Bogle Glen is quite worn with lots of big stones sticking up so you really need to b enimble and lift your feet. That section also contains the infamous Cow Alley which is a section of path next to a farm gate where the cows congregate and it just turns into a muddy smelly bog where the biggest challenge is to cross it without losing your shoes 🙂

The day was topped off by some excellent ethically sourced Haddock and Chips from the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum.

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